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This is not a get rich fast scheme website.
This is a modest ptc site where you can earn by clicking ads,promoting ptp link,reading emails.
You can promote your business from our advertise services also.


1.Referral must not have same password as you.
2.Referral must not have same payment processor id as you.
If one of those rules is broke then your account will permanently suspended.

Payout Policy

1.If your payment processor id is used in more then one account at our site your account will be suspended.
2.If your payment processor id has been used before on our site from another member your account will be suspended.

Refund Policy

Please keep in mind we do not offer refund for our services since they are digital items.

Account Suspension

1.If we find out you got more then 1 account per ip we will suspend your account.
2.If we find out your account and your downline got same password we will suspend your account.
3.If you spam the forum we will suspend your account.
4.If you open an dispute with one of our payment processors we will suspend your account permanently.
5.If you cheat our ptp system by sending traffic from "Rotators,Paid To Promote,Auto Surfs,Traffic Exchange,Bot Traffic" we will suspend your account.

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